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AquaClear have locked in their generous 2018/19 financial year Community Support Packages, agreeing to donate to the following four great Australian organisations.

Rapid Relief Team

The team at AquaClear do not take water supplies for granted, and have been touched by the tragic drought effecting many Australian farming families over recent years. Therefore, AquaClear decided to help this respected organisation that provides drought relief to farmers and their families. The recent hay truck-runs are just one of their many charitable works. RRT focus their support efforts into four key areas, youth, emergency services, homelessness, health and disability.

Royal Children’s Hospital

The RCH has helped many of our client’s families and also the children of some AquaClear staff. AquaClear views the RCH as a world-class national institution. Patients often come from rural Victoria, interstate and sometimes overseas to receive life-saving or life-changing treatment.

Cabrini Hospital

Cabrini is a not-for-profit service with 832 beds and a comprehensive range of health services. An AquaClear staff member has been helped by Cabrini in the past. In appreciation of that great support, AquaClear were keen to return the favour.

MacKillop Family Services

The team at AquaClear have great respect for MacKillop’s work across New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. Their programs include foster care, residential care, disability services, youth services, education services, family support and a psychology clinic.

Thinking of contacting AquaClear for support? Whilst AquaClear would always like to do more, it has committed up to its maximum possible level of community support for the 2018/19 financial year.

“Over the years we have simply responded to people that have contacted us. However, after much deliberation we’re announcing a more proactive approach” said Rob Williams, Founder and Managing Director of AquaClear.

In a policy that is unique to AquaClear in its industry, for 2018/19 and beyond, organisations chosen to be supported will not be those that approach the business.

“We would rather see charitable causes focusing more of their staff efforts on helping people, not paying for fundraising staff. That’s why we’ve adopted the new policy of not supporting organisations that contact us.” said Williams.

“It can sound harsh, but we feel if more organisations did not need to be asked, charities could spend more time helping people, and organisations like ours can stay focused on serving our loyal clients. This helps us maintain a stable business that we hope can be more generous each year!”

“We have served thousands of not-for-profit clients around Australia over the last decade, so we’re making this announcement so they can see that we now have a clear, proactive annual process with relation to annual donations.”

AquaClear’s team will meet annually to nominate worthy causes from around Australia that are important to them, and so it is always a surprise for the lucky charitable recipients, which are likely to vary over the years.

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Picture supplied by the Rapid Relief Team.

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