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Over 80 years, Britex has earned a reputation as Australia’s premier manufacturer of stainless steel products. We are proud to offer their drinking water fountains, bubblers and glass fillers as a natural extension of our growing product range.

“What impresses us most about Britex, is how all their products are built to last,” said Rob Williams, Founder of AquaClear.

“As our customers would know, we like to be a ‘one stop shop’ as much as we can be, offering solutions for all the drinking water taps for an entire building, campus or national organisation. As a result, over the years we have occasionally sourced products from Britex – typically as part of a bigger job. All those units have performed outstandingly for years. We’re keen to build on that history with a more proactive relationship that our customers will begin to notice from 2021.”  

We feel this move is perfectly timed, as due to the pandemic, many clients are now considering adding additional water drinking fountains, bubblers and glass fillers to:

  1. Minimise queues in public areas and building areas, such as lunch rooms.
  2. Minimise the need for warehouse/distribution staff to enter office areas to fill up their drink bottles.

Britex has an outstanding range of:

  • Compact, vandal resistant and accessible wall mounted fountains.
  • Recessed drinking cubicles and fountains.
  • Floor mounted fountains, bubblers and glass fillers.
  • Floor mounted accessible drinking fountains.

Many of Britex’s products will be available either refrigerated or ambient. Some products are available with optional water filters.

As you would expect from a Melbourne manufacturer, Britex products are Watermark certified and comply with relevant Australian standards.

In the meantime, if your organisation would like to consider your options with a Britex or any other respected brand of drinking water tap for your organisation, get a free independent opinion from AquaClear between 7am-5pm eastern on 1300 070 007.

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