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Over 30 years, WaterWorks has been one of Australia’s leading water dispenser brands. We are proud to offer their Point Of Use coolers, self-fill cooler, under-sink chillers and free-standing bubblers to extend our range of leading drinking water systems.

“We always strive to be a one-stop shop for all our client’s drinking water systems. Waterworks are able to help us solve more problems for clients with one phone call.” said Rob Williams, AquaClear Founder.

“For over ten years now, we have regularly sourced products from Waterworks to plug certain gaps in our overall offering, particularly the under-sink chillers that are the commercial grade quiet achievers, doing all the hard work for drinking fountains, glass fillers and bubblers.

“Our clients have always been happy with the Waterworks products. So from 2021, we are going to be more proactive in marketing their products too.”

Here are a couple of hero products from the diverse Waterworks line-up:

  • Free standing chillers
    • The Waterworks B5 does not need to be connected to the mains water supply, and you do not have to buy additional water bottles. We almost always sell the Waterworks B5 with the optional ‘self-fill bottle.’ With the B5, you can manually use a jug to re-fill the bottle yourself. All other free-standing models that we offer require connection to the mains water supply.
    • The Waterworks D25 (pictured). This point of use model is available in cool/cold and hot/cold variants. This is a great example of a model that is ‘plumbed-in’ (connected to mains water). The advantage of plumbed-in models is that they do not need to be manually refilled. Similar bench mounted (shorter) systems are also available.
  • Under sink chillers
    • IC8 under-sink or remote chiller. The IC8 can chill approximately 8 litres per hour to 10 degrees (optional filtration).
    • IC1000 multi-bubbler chiller. This water cooling and storage system delivers up to 120 litres per hour. We specify the IC1000 for locations that have periods of extreme demand, such as sporting venues and educational institutions.

As you would expect from a market leader, Waterworks products are Watermark certified and comply with relevant Australian standards.

In the meantime, if your organisation would like to consider your options from the WaterWorks line-up or any other respected brand of drinking water tap, get a free independent opinion from AquaClear between 7am-5pm eastern on 1300 070 007.

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