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This video quickly summarises a few reasons why it is best to call the independent experts for installing and maintaining filtered drinking water systems.

This video is not an exercise in bagging plumbers at all. We love plumbers and greatly respect their expertise. We look after thousands of clients around Australia, so we sometimes discover faults that have nothing to do with a client’s filtered drinking water system. We refer hundreds of our clients to plumbers around Australia each year, and sometimes electricians too. But when it comes to the filtered drinking water systems themselves, our Service Technicians are installing and maintaining systems 5 days a week, so nobody is better placed than us to install or maintain your boiling, chilled or sparkling drinking water units.

Most of our technicians have been doing this for over five years. Compare that to a typical plumber, who might not touch a Zip, Billi or Birko for a six month stretch. We can pull units apart and find faults in the quickest possible time. We are much more likely to be able to trouble-shoot and repair a unit. Inexperienced people are more likely to simply recommend a complete replacement, which might not be necessary. In addition, our vans are full of spares for all the major brands, so with one phone call, we’re much more likely to be able to fix all your systems on the spot, and save you multiple call-out fees. These are some of the key reasons why we have thousands of loyal long term clients around Australia.    

AquaClear offer national supply, installation, rental and ongoing maintenance of all major brands of filtered drinking water systems. Bookings or enquires:  1300 070 007.

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