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The 12 days of Christmas Office Drinks

By Kevin Lillie

Billi-Zip-WaterWorks-Rheem-Filtered-Chilled-Water Drink-Idea

Make the office a little more like home – only fancier! Celebrate the season with your team by placing a few things beside your instant chilled or chilled sparkling taps. Perhaps you can share the duties with one person doing a day each for your last twelve working days before Christmas?  A few mixers can add a little fun.

Day 1 – Start with a classic. A bottle of Bickford’s Traditional Lemon Juice cordial with some fresh sliced lemon – ready to go. Add a little fun with some party umbrellas!

Day 2 - Frozen blueberries are full of antioxidants. They help keep your drink cold and make a great healthy addition to any chilled drink. Add some sliced oranges for a great clash of summer colour.   

Day 3 – Slice up some limes and cut up some mint for a touch of class! For those that want something a little sweeter, have a bottle of elderflower cordial on offer!

Day 4 – Bickfords Classic Rasberry Cordial for a bit of sugar hit and red Christmas cheer around the office. Get ready for the red-cordial jokes. (Do it in style, don’t get Cotties!) For those in the office that like to act grown up, lemon lime bitters  is a great alternative cordial flavour, especially if you have an instant sparkling tap.

Day 5 – Nothing says summer like pineapple! Slice some up by your instant water tap for the perfect summer infusion with your instant cold or chilled sparkling water tap for your team.

Day 6 - Frozen mixed berries are available for under $5 a bag at Woolworths and Coles. They add a little extra taste, fizz and class to any chilled or sparkling water glass.

Day 7 – Mint leaves and ice. Create the Mojito look for a bit of fun! This looks especially great if you’ve got a sparkling water tap.

Day 8 – Sliced cucumber for a fresh, clean summer taste.

Day 9 – Slice up some lemons and add some fresh raspberries for a yummy delight at the bottom of each glass!

Day 10 – Finely chop up some fruit and freeze it in the ice tray. Add whatever you like! 

Day 11 – Bickfords Ice Tea cordial. These are available in peach, raspberry lemonade or mango. Slice and freeze matching fruits in advance to suit!

Day 12 – Passionfruit and Kiwifruit as a tribute to Christmas Day pavolva!

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