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A Zip or Billi filtered drinking water system that dispenses boiling, chilled and sparkling water can help your team think clearer! Here are a few examples of drinks that can help.

Water and lemon: Research has found that the scent of lemon can improve performance with tasks that require lots of concentration.

Green Tea: 120 million Japanese can’t be wrong! Green Tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid that has shown to boost alpha brain waves which are associated with relaxation and a focused calm, which can be perfect for mid-afternoon when you may not want a big caffeine kick.  

Crushed berries and sparkling water: You don’t necessarily need a blender to benefit from these antioxidant rich fruits. Darkly pigmented, easy to crush options such as blueberries have been associated with a decreased risk of Alzheimer’s and some studies have shown eating them can boost concentration and memory up to five hours later.   

Peppermint Tea: Studies have linked the scent of peppermint to decreased fatigue and anxiety, boosted motivation and performance.

So for a natural way to help your team think clearer, consider investing in these options for your office kitchenette.

For great independent advice on the best workplace filtered drinking water systems such as Billi, Rheem and Zip, call AquaClear on 1300 070 007.  

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