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Hard times are when character shines through. So today Rob Williams, our Managing Director, has made the first of many announcements;

“We are keeping all of our team, no matter how long this takes, even if we need to get a bank loan or ask for government support.”

In recent days we’ve seen lots of press about people losing their jobs. Tough times could be ahead for us too, so we’ve looked at our brand values. These are two concepts: ‘best brands, best service.’ How could we possibly deliver the best service if we let some of our team go? Our team are our top priority. It is important that we stick together. This way, we’ll be able to continue looking after our customers now and into the future.

Many of our customers deliver essential public services 24 / 7 / 365. These include government, the health sector and emergency services. We look forward to keeping them hydrated!

We’ve been busy for years. So, if things are quiet for a few months, then we’ll take the opportunity for some staff to take some well-deserved paid annual leave or long-service leave. Many of our team have the maximum amount of sick days still up their sleeve, so they can use that up too if necessary. After all that is used up, if we are not at 100% capacity, we’ll be discussing with each team member what roles they can do from home.

Sticking to our values will also have economic rewards for us in the long run. Our experienced staff are our biggest competitive advantage. When the tide turns, we are going to be flat-out again, and it takes years to develop the skills and knowledge that we’ve got.

Luckily for us - no matter what happens, people will still need to drink water, and their filtered water taps need to be periodically maintained and replaced – regardless of how empty their office is.

We’re actually predicting some upside for our business in the long run. The world has changed this year. Workplaces are going to be increasingly focused on hygiene. So that means that we expect lots of workplaces to upgrade from bottled water systems to plumbed-in systems, in order to satisfy to growing hygiene expectations of Australian workers.

AquaClear offer national supply, installation, rental and ongoing maintenance of all major brands of drinking water filters.

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