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How Long Do Zip CO2 Cartridges Last?  

By Kevin Lillie


Is your sparkling water from your Billi or Zip tap coming out a little flat?  Or perhaps you just want to know how long Zip or Billi CO2 bottles (cartridges) last? Here’s some information that’s good to know:

  • The Zip 2.6kg (4.0L) bottle is good for 430L of sparkling water before it needs replacement.
  • The Zip and Billi 1.0kg (2.2L) bottle is good for approximately 165L of sparkling water before it needs replacement.
  • We offer 2-pack pricing for both Billi CO2 bottles and ZIP CO2 bottles.
  • The commercial grade Billi and Zip Sparkling water systems feature the ability to adjust the amount of carbonation (bubbles). If you dial it up beyond the level set by your AquaClear Technician, please keep in mind that you will not get as many litres out of each bottle.
  • All bottles should be replaced no later than every 24 months, even if you have not run out. All food grade gas bottles have a shelf life, and that’s our recommended maximum.
  • How much gas is left in your bottle today? It’s easier to tell with the latest tech. The Zip HydroTap G5 has a screen which lets you know when your genuine bottle is down to its last 20% of CO2 gas.
  • Earlier commercial systems may have a traditional style meter (its called a regulator pressure gauge) located on the cylinder. There should be a needle on the gauge pointing to how much CO2 remains.
  • On a Zip gauge, if the needle is pointing towards the left in the yellow zone, adjust the knob at the top of the cylinder. If the needle will not return to the green zone, as shown in this picture, the bottle will need to be replaced.   

Spring (particularly the first warm weeks of Spring) are the highest usage periods of the year. This is purely anecdotal from chatting with clients, but we put this phenomenon down to these factors:

  • When the weather warms up, people start swapping from coffees and teas to chilled water, and someone in the office will remember that there’s actually free sparkling water available!
  • Once someone in the office starts drinking free sparkling water from the office tap, it often catches on through the office. Then lots of others want to try it again for the first time in months. Once people start filling jugs for meetings, or their jumbo sized drink bottles, and the CO2 can be used up fast.
  • If you have secure space to do so, we always recommend keeping a spare. Since the invention of the Billi and Zip filtered chilled sparkling water systems, our clients have been scratching their heads at the unpredictability of how long the bottles will last, simply because it is hard to predict how popular the sparkling option is at various times of year.  So, save on freight, avoid the hassle and order a spare.

Other tips: 

  • Some types of bottles cannot be re-filled. Your bottle should be labelled accordingly.
  • We can ensure it is recycled. When you run out, call us to replace it, and we can take your old bottles away. In line with our sustainability commitment, we will ensure that your bottle is given to an approved recycler at no additional charge, even if the bottle we’re replacing was not purchased from AquaClear.   

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