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Under Bench

Under Bench (under sink) systems are perfect for offices of all sizes, from 10 to over 100 people. Generally speaking, here are the key advantages and disadvantages of choosing an under bench system.


  • Having the system built-in is the cleanest, best looking and most convenient option for daily users of the system.
  • Using a font, or installing your taps over a sink avoids spillage on floors or benchtops.
  • Avoids workplace safety risks that are related to old-style urns and kettles.
  • Avoids unnecessary cluttering of benchspace or floorspace.
  • Hides all the necessary plumbing and power hardware under the cabinet for the safest and most professional look.


  • You’ll lose some of your cupboard space and a power point may need to be installed.
  • Depending on the design of your cupboard, a shelf might need to be cut during the installation process. A vent may also need to be installed. In over a decade and thousands of installations, a landlord has never raised an issue, as such systems are today a common expectation of employees in corporate and government offices nationally. That said, our knowledge of the dimensions of hundreds of brand/model variants can often minimise this and can often avoid the need to trim cabinets, avoiding unnecessary costs.

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Under Bench

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