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Iconic Australian brands Billi and Zip offer great filtered sparkling water drinking systems, which come with replaceable or refillable carbon dioxide bottles.

These offer the convenience of filtered sparkling water at your fingertips without the environmental impact of transporting and wasting hundreds of plastic or glass bottles. Some systems can fill up to 175 (combined) chilled and sparkling cups per hour.

Food grade carbon dioxide gas cylinders have been safely used for generations, for dispensing bulk beer, cider and even the post-mix machine at your local cinema or fast food restaurant. Follow some simple guidelines, and you’ve got a great sparkling water solution for your office.

One word of warning however. When it comes to sparkling water systems for your office, stick to the genuine Zip or Billi food grade carbon dioxide bottles as supplied by AquaClear.

Some aftermarket companies might offer bottles larger than what these manufacturers offer, however fitting larger bottles inside your typical kitchen cupboard could be a bad idea. Billi and Zip both offer 1.0kg (2.2L) replacement bottles, and Zip also offers a 2.6kg (4.0L) exchange cylinder. The Zip 2.6kg bottle is good for 240 litres of sparkling water before each refill.

It has come to AquaClear’s attention that some unqualified people have tried attaching larger food grade carbon dioxide bottles to Zip or Billi Sparkling water dispensers in closed kitchen cupboards. AquaClear suggests this is not a good idea for ventilation related safety reasons, and may breach Australian Standards.  

Systems such as the Zip HydroTap (which dispenses filtered chilled sparkling and boiling water,) is air cooled, and simple installation with optional vent tray may remove the need to cut cupboard doors.

Want to know more? There are also a great list of gas cylinder storage and ventilation tips are available on the Queensland Worksafe website. Too busy? AquaClear can quickly advise you on the ventilation needs for your system and the storage of spare cylinders. Call 1300 070 007.

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