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Having a water filter system in your office, such as an under-bench or free-standing filtered water system, will enable staff to use filtered tap water, glasses and mugs, which the evidence below suggests is a healthier option than the plastic bottled water you’ll see in vending machines or supermarkets.

Earlier this year the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced a review into the potential health problems that may arise from microplastics in bottled drinking water. This announcement came after the results of a study conducted by non-profit US-based organisation revealed that a plastic bottle of water can hold dozens or possibly even thousands of microscopic plastic particles[1].

The study found all 11 brands tested contained microplastics, with an average of 325 particles per litre. 93% of the 250 bottles tested were found to be contaminated. Sampled bottles of San Pellegrino had between 0 and 74 particles per litre, and a Nestle brand had between 6 and 10,390 particles[2].

Re-using plastic bottles can negatively impact your health. A report in The Independent explained how plastic bottles aren’t designed to be re-used. “Certain chemicals found in plastic bottles can have effects on every system in our bodies,’ Dr Marilyn Glenville warned. “They can affect ovulation, and increase our risk of hormonally driven problems like PCOS, endometriosis and breast cancer, among other things.[3]”

Locally, Australia’s Choice magazine has entered the bottled water vs tap water debate, and says bottled water is either a marketing triumph or a scam, depending on who you ask[4].

According to MBG Planet[5], water bottles increasingly use BPA-free plastic, but laced into plastic bottles are other chemicals that can seep out if bottles are exposed to heat or sit around for a long time. They claim that some of these chemicals are possible endocrine disruptors. (Your endocrine system regulates hormones, its responsibilities includes metabolism, growth and sexual development.) No one knows for sure what the health outcomes are. Do you really want your body to undergo that experiment?

There are also the very real impacts on human health that are occurring on a global scale due to plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans. Plastic is being swallowed by marine life, and humans are eating the marine life.

Scientists at Ghent University in Belgium recently calculated that shellfish lovers are eating up to 11,000 plastic fragments in their seafood each year. We absorb fewer than 1%, but they will still accumulate in the body over time[6]. 

Give your staff an attractive alternative to ridiculously overpriced bottled water that can hurt our health and our planet. AquaClear rent, sell, install and maintain chilled, sparkling and boiling water systems.

For great tasting, healthy water served instantly and at the perfect temperature, call the independent experts.

To discuss alternatives such as Billi chilled and boiling under-bench systems, or a Zip Hydro tap, call those that offer the best brands and the best service. AquaClear 1300 070 007

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