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Two Virtual Team Building Ideas for Home and Office Workers

By Kevin Lillie

Option 1:  Taboo

An online game for 4-160 people! A great way to connect people in and out of the office. It is a paid game, but the best ones often are! Gaming company Confetti supply a Game Organiser, and at AquaClear we love saving you hassles, so we thought we’d recommend this easy, premium online group gaming option.

Taboo game rules are simple, and play is exceedingly entertaining. To play the game, players will use our online, mobile-friendly game platform to get their teammates to guess the word at the top of each card, without using any of the other related Taboo words listed underneath.

Teams will take turns playing and watching in 2-minute rounds. While you and your team are guessing, the opposing team will be able to see your phrases to have a good laugh and make sure no one is cheating. 😉

Each correct guess will gain a point for your team, and will allow you to move onto the next word. At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins. If there are multiple teams, stick around for a final winner reveal!

This game is for teams interested in a casual, competitive experience that is not knowledge based.

More info about Confetti here.

Option 2 Drawasaurus

Here’s another zero calorie team building option that does not involve checking everyone’s allergies intolerances and dietary preferences.

Drawasaurus is an online drawing & guessing game for your phone and PC. This one is free, so if you’ve got zero budget, go for it! It’s essentially a free online version of Pictionary!

Do your best to draw the word you are given while players from your own private group (up to 16) try to guess it! If you’d like to try this in advance, you can play online with people from around the world, it can get pretty addictive!

One person draws and the rest of the competitors have to guess what that person is drawing. To earn points, you can either guess drawings correctly or have your drawings guessed accurately by others. Once everyone has drawn, the person with the most points wins

When we tried this, those playing with mobiles found it much harder to draw, so please keep that in mind. This is deceptively simple and works well. The only rules basically are you need to avoid drawing words and letters.

Watch some people playing the game here.

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