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Water filter systems have become an office essential throughout Australia. Australians are leading the way with adoption of this technology for many reasons; safety, convenience, workplace productivity, environmental concerns and our willingness to invest in our health.

In this blog we will address the safety related issues of historical alternatives to under bench filtered water taps such as kettles, portable water boilers and bottled water coolers. 

Responsible manufacturers of filtered water dispensers in Australia such as Billi and Zip offer models with boiling water safety buttons. This is not just an essential for education, child-care and public buildings. 

Whilst there may be little chance that a worker will bring their child to work, adults may also make the same mistakes as children when they’re tired or not paying attention. Therefore, a neat under bench boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water system with a safety over-ride option can avoid the potential safety risks of many traditional products.


Portable burns

  1. Imagine an office function when one of your staff innocently takes the lid off the urn to check the water level. They could easily cop a face full of steam and suffer severe facial burns.   
  2. Urns can drip on the floor during use, creating a slip hazard.
  3. The surface of metal cased urns can also be a burns risk, particularly when staff are rushing to pack up at the end of a function.
  4. Portable urns can be heavy and awkward to move, presenting a risk of injuries if they are lifted or dropped.
  5. Electrocution is also a risk. OH&S procedures may warn against touching plugged in urns or electrical sockets with wet hands, or accidental wetting of electrical cables or power boards during filling of an urn.
  6. At pack up time, if staff tip-out urns, there is a risk of burns by splashing.


  7. Electrocution risk from water and power cords/connections near sinks.
  8. Burns risks from accidental pulling of kettle power cords and tipping of kettles.
  9. Burns risks from staff walking with the kettle in hand and being bumped.
  10. Over-filling / overflowing kettles can be a burns hazard.
  11. Kettles can be spilt, creating a burns risk with a larger volume of water than filling up a single cup with an under-bench water dispenser.

    Free standing water chillers / water boilers

  12. Free-standing coolers which also have boiling water taps at child-accessible heights can lead to a tragic incident if somebody brings their child to work.
  13. Tipping over of free-standing spring water coolers or boilers, simply when somebody is too busy looking at their phone when walking around.
  14. Lifting/dropping injury risk of spring water drums.
  15. Tripping/crush injury risk of incorrectly stored spring water drums.
  16. Replacement drum insertion points are unlikely to be cleaned, creating a potential haven for bacteria.
  17. Drums can be indefinitely re-filled by staff, spreading bacteria and conditions such as gastro

To discuss alternatives such as Billi chilled and boiling under-bench systems, or a Zip Hydro tap, call those that offer the best brands and the best service. AquaClear 1300 070 007

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