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5 Things Facilities Managers need to know about Filtered Water System Warranties

By Neil Anderson

Billi Tap Service Warranty

Q: Do you need to sign up for a service contract with the manufacturer?

A: No. And manufacturers cannot legally void your warranty if you don’t.  

Q: Can only the manufacturer replace filters?

A: No. Customers can do it themselves, or appoint any other company, such as AquaClear to do it.

Q: Who can do work that’s covered by the Manufacturer’s warranty?

A: Only the Manufacturer or an authorised warranty repairer can. Call us and we’ll let you know where you stand. Here are a few predictable instances:

  1. Did you buy the system from AquaClear? If you did, then 99% of the time we can service the unit and get authorisation to do the warranty work - so you don’t have to pay for it. We’ve been authorised warranty repairers for Zip, Billi and other brands we sell for years. We have some of the most experienced Technicians in the nation and have established admin processes related to AquaClear being an authorised reseller / warranty repairer.
  2. Is AquaClear servicing your system? If so, then we’re also likely to be able to get authorisation from your manufacturer and fix your system. Often we are the ones that discover faults during our service visits and can advise you as to whether any parts or labour related to the fault are covered by warranty.

Q: What if the Manufacturer Technicians cannot fix your system in an adequate time frame?

A: If you have a pre-paid or ongoing service contract with your manufacturer, then you will need to engage their services. If you have no contract, then you are free to call an independent service provider such as AquaClear to see if we can get there quicker! As we are specialists, AquaClear vans and our warehouse carry substantial volumes of the commonly needed genuine parts, and we have a long history of being trusted to perform warranty work – please keep this in mind.  

Q: What is the relevant law with relation to warranties?

A: Federal Law such as the Trades Practices Act is there to protect buyers. For example, Motor Vehicles Manufacturers are not allowed to void warranties if their dealers are not the mechanics doing log-book services. Here are some links to the relevant legislation. These might be a useful general reference:

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