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Billi and Zip Parts Available Now

By Kevin Lillie

We’ve been stocking up since the middle of COVID!

Over recent months we’ve been pleased to receive calls from over 100 Plumbers and Facilities Managers that have contacted us for the very first time. They’ve been chasing parts for a Billi tap, Zip tap or other brand of filtered drinking water system.

In many cases, we’ve been the fifth or even eighth place they’ve called – they haven’t called us before as they’re in a rural area, or we’re simply on the other side of town. They’ve been pleased, and so have we, because we’ve had the part in stock.

Over the last 18 months we’ve been building up our parts stocks. Even when the corporate and government market was depressed due to most people working from home. Why? Because we knew manufacturers were facing challenges with supply chain issues and availability of some critical parts were becoming postponed.

Please forgive us for being a little immodest for a minute. But we’ve been fighting our accountants on this for 16 months and finally they’re off our back. We knew that when people returned to offices, there would be a mad rush. Hundreds of offices that have not been using their drinking water systems, would suddenly be needing to replace filters and all sorts of other parts. As predicted, manufacturers have been running out, or running low, and everyone’s usual suppliers have been running low too.

Now we bet you’re thinking, have you put your prices up? Our regular customers, and these new customers, have been pleasantly surprised that (unlike the airlines) we’re not price gouging at all. That’s not our style. Never has been. Never will be.  

Need a part? Give us a call before we run out too! We can put parts in a TNT bag for you! Call 1300 070 007.

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